Building and Testing Golang Applications With Travis CI and Coveralls

Build automation and automatic tests are a really nice thing I am used to when working on Java projects, but since I started to learn Golang recently, I also wanted to have these nice README badges for those projects as well. Here is how you can set everything up using the free tools Travis CI and Coveralls: Simple Build Automation Getting started with automatic builds is really easy. Just place a .


Getting started with Terraform, AWS & Docker

This article is an introduction to Terraform and how to use it to set up a basic infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to run a simple web service Docker container. Terraform is an infrastructure-as-code (IAC) tool, that allows for efficiently setting up infrastructure by defining the desired state, which makes it different than many other tools. For more on why you should be using Terraform, check out Gruntwork’s blog post Why we use Terraform and not Chef, Puppet, Ansible, SaltStack, or CloudFormation.